Dear Colleague
It gives me a great pleasure to note that I.M.A Kurukshetra is going to launch its website in Kurukshetra.
Kurukshetra, dhamkshetra is a very important place historically and attracts large number of tourist, Medical facilities have also increased tremendously I sincerely hope medical fraternity will use the website and enlighten the public at large and tourist in particular regarding the facilities both in the Diagnostic and Therapeutic available.
Indian Medical Association is the only representative, national voluntary organisation of Doctors of Modern Scientific System of Medicine, which looks after the interest of doctors as well being of the community at large.
Today, I.M.A. is a well established organisation with it's Headquarters at Delhi and State/ Terr. Branches in 34 States and Union Territories. It has over 3,30,000" doctors as its members through more than local branches spread all over the country.
It is important to maintain a current web presence to keep the brand story relevant, and focus user flow for key audiences." You have to switch your mind into the patient, physician, donor and current or prospective employees that are looking at your website or seeking specific information. Make sure the content is prominent and easy to find", states Alyse.
I wish I.M.A. a great success.
Dr. K. C. Agarwal


M.B.B.S (Gold Medalist), M.D. (Ped.), PGC (Adolescent Health), FIAP (2015)
Consultant in Pediatrics, Neonatology & Adolescent Health
MD & CEO, Bhardwaj Hospital & Institute of Mother & Child Health,kurukshetra,136118
1.Professional Experience till date
Total Experience of over 43 years in child health following Graduation and 40 years as Consultant
Pediatrician following PostGraduation. It includes a decade of experience in middle east and vienna
(Austria) and as head of deptt of ped and neonatology with ministry of health , govt of Iran
-Worked with Indira Gandhi National Open university as
1- skill development consultant for post graduate diploma in mother and child health .for doctors
2-Academic Counselor as Consultant Pediatrician for Neonatal Advance Care Course for Nurses (2013).
2—positions held in IAP:
National :
Presently Zonal coordinator(North India) for IAP NRP FGM Project
Past positions held
i)Member, National Executive Board of IAP (2013,2018,2019)
ii)Member, Advisory Editorial Board of Ind. J. Practical Pediatrics (2013),Ind Pediatrics(2019)
iii)National Co-ordinator - IAP TOUCH (2013 till 2017) :National Convenor of iap-touch(2019 )-A program
for training of upcoming (untrained) child health workers.
iv)Member, Committee on "e governance committee in IAP" (main author of recommendations) (2013)
v)Member, Committee on Assessment of impact evaluation of IAP programmes (2013).
vi)Organised National TOT of IAP Touch in Gurgaon in April 2013.and at MUMBAI HEAD OFFICE IN 2015 as inaugural program of new building
vii)National Master Trainer (2013-tilldate )for IAP Touch.
viii)National Trainer for MISSION KISHORE UDAY,(2018)'Adolescent Care in Office Practice' (2012),Awesome Aya(2020)
trained at MUMBAI and NEW DELHI
ix)National Trainer for IAP Uday Mission (2013).trained at kolkata in silver jubilee Pedicon.
x)National Trainer for IAP PEICH project----- (Promoting Emotional Intelligence in Children ) Programme (2014)
xi)Regional Trainer for IAPs Poor Scholastic Performance in Children (2013).trained at regional TOT at maulana azad medical college,new delhi,NDD project(2019)
xii)Regional Trainer for IAP NRP FGM Basic and Advances,(2012) trained at pre conference TOT at Pedicon ,Gurgaon.
xii)Certified IAP Resource Person on immunisation (IAP VAC) completed IAP VAC Course in 2010 at Gurgaon.
Xiii)Zonal Trainer for North Zone PSPID PROGRAM – Trained on October 30, 2011 at North zone TOT Shimla.
xiv) Zonal Faculty member at IAP Zonal Workshop on IAP-NNF Protocols for Level-II Neonatal Care on Sep 17, 2006 at Apollo hospital, Delhi.
xv) National executive board member of Mission Uday of IAP
xvi)National trainer for mission kishore uday
and trainer for north zone of a no of IAP action plans projects 2018-19 like
pedicolegal workshop
united airways,
neuro developmental disorders
Invited and attended first round table SAARC countries meet of pediatric societies at NewDelhi in 2013
State IAP :
i) President, IAP Haryana State (2011)
ii) Executive Board Member CIAP from Haryana State (2013,2018,2019)
iii) Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Haryana Pedinews since inception (1998 - 2009) - Designated as Founder Editor and currently holding the same position.
iv) Executive Board Member of Haryana State IAP since 1998 till date .
v) Chairperson of Publication Committee, 2011-2015. Haryana state IAP
vi) Quiz Master for State Level Practitioners Quiz Competition.
vii) Formed IAP Kurukshetra District Branch as Founder Secretary, Served as Treasurer, President & Patron many times since 1997 till date.
viii) Conducted over 10 BNRCP courses as Lead Instructor and Co-ordinator at Kurukshetra.
viii) constituted Haryana State chapter of adolescent health in 2013, as state president of IAP and organized its 1 st state conference at Ambala in April 2013
ix) constituted Haryana state branch of NNF and conducted its first conference at Hisar
3 Editorial Services
i)Member of National Editorial Advisory Board Indian Journal of Practical Pediatrics in 2013 and Ind pediatrics (2019)
ii) Editor – IAP TOUCH Manual 2013
iii) Founder Editor–in-Chief of Haryana Pedinews (1998-2009)
iv) Editor, "Mednews"(I M A )
v) Editor in Chief, Souvenir : IAP Haryana State Annual Conference 2011 .
vi) Editor - Pearls of Pediatrics Practice (2011)
Publisher – Indian Academy of Pediatrics,
vii)Editor, Polio (Ek Parichay) (1998)
ix)Editor-in-Chief, "Rotary Times" (official periodical of Rotary Kurukshetra) for 8 years
x)Editor of ‘Kurukshetra Guide’ (a publication of Rotary Kurukshetra)
xi)Editor of ‘Karmakshetra’ (a publication of Rotary Kurukshetra) (2002)
xii)Editor, "Haryana Pedinews – Birth to Adolescence (2011)", A CD released in Harcon 2013 , containing
compilation of all issues of haryana pedinews
xiii)Editor, "Minutes of EB Meetings (2011), IAP Haryana State", A CD released in Harcon 2013
Chapters in B00KS
1.Chapter on Common Nursing Skills and Procedures in IAP Touch Manual 2013.
2.Chapter on Safe Injection Practices and Bio-medical Waste Disposal in IAP Touch Manual 2013.
3.Chapter on Common Medical Gadgets in IAP Touch Manual 2013.
4.Waterborn Diseases in Children in Manual of DMG group of IAP Touch 201.
5.Chapter on Pearls of Pediatric Practice in book entitled Pearls of Pedaitric Practice published by IAP Haryana.
6.Preface and article titled Haryana Pedinews from Birth to Adolescence in e-book with a same name and title published by IAP Haryana State.
Articles in Medical Journals :
1)R.C. Bhardwaj, "Detection of Protein Energy Malnutrition" Indian Pediatrics, 1983,20,587.
2)R.C. Bhardwaj, "Attitude to treatment & use of antibiotics (in Diarrhea), "Dialogue on Diarhoea, 1988,33,2.
3)R.C. Bhardwaj, "Assessment of Protein Energy Malnutrition by weight & height criteria & it's comparison with mid-arm circumference, head circumference ratio, in chidlren under six years in one of the tribal areas of South-West Rajasthan, India", 1982, Thesis submitted and accepted to University of Rajasthan for M.D. PED Degree.
4)R.C. Bhardwaj : Polio Eradication : Dream or Reality - Haryana Pedinews 1999, Vol.-2, No.1
5)R.C. Bhardwaj : Target 2000 - Polio Free World, Haryana Pedinews 1999, Vol.-2, No.1
6)R.C. Bhardwaj : Bronchial Asthma - An update, Haryana Pedinews 1999, Vol.2, No.,2
7)R.C. Bhardwaj : SARS - The Emergency Epidemic, Haryana Pedinews 2003, Vol. 6, No.1
8)R.C. Bhardwaj : Poisioning in Children : What the Parents Should Know - Haryana Pedinews 2003, Vol.6, No.3.
9)R.C. Bhardwaj : Avian Influenza : Emerging Threat of a pandemic, Haryana Pedinews 2005, Vol.8, No.3
10)R.C. Bhardwaj : Ten Things you need to know about pandemic Influenza - Haryana Pedinews 2006, Vol. 9,
11)R.C. Bhardwaj : Acute Bronchiolitis Revisited, Haryana Pedinews 2007, Vol. 10, No.2
12)R.C. Bhardwaj : Cholelithiasis in Children : A case Report ,Haryana Pedinews 2008, Vol.11, No.1
13)R.C. Bhardwaj : Diagnosis & Management of Enteric Fever : Haryana Pedinews 2008, Vol.11, No.2-3.
14)R. Bhardwaj : Save Lives : Make Hospitals Safe in Emergency - Haryana Pedinews, 2009, Vol.12, No.1
15)R.Bhardwaj : Swine Flue : An Emerging Pandemic, Haryana Pedinews 2009, Vol.12 No.1
16)R. Bhardwaj : Meditation : Take a Stress reduction break whenever you are, Haryana Pedinews, 2009, Vol. 12, No.1
4. Awards and Professional Recognitions
1)Paul Harris Fellow Awarded the prestigious honour of Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, USA in 2013.
2)Certificate of Appreciation from Rotary International for Role in Pulse Polio Immunisation 1998,1999-
3)Certificate of Appreciation from National Polio Surveillance from W.H.O. & Govt. of India Joint Collaboration Project i.e.
National Polio Suveillance Project.
4) Certificate of Appreciation from India National Polio Pulse Committee of Rotary International for serving as Revenue District Coordinator - R.I. District-3080 (2007-2008)
5)Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding public services from IMAM JUMME - Noshahar - Chalus Iran for distinguished services to Child Health in 1988.
6)Certificate of Appreciation from SAJMAN E PAJESKI (Medical Council) IRAN for Services to children in 1988
7)Awarded as Member of Royal Society of Health (London) in 1984.
8)Awarded as Associate Fellow, American College of Angiology Roslyn, USA in 1988.
9)Life Member, American Medical Society, Veinna (Austria) in 1985.
National Awards :
11)Appreciation Award from Central IAP for Services as Executive Board member of CIAP (2013).
12)Appreciation Award from CIAP (2013) for services provided as National Coordinator IAP Touch.
13)Appreciation awards for services provided as President IAP Haryana State (2011).
14)Appreciation from CIAP for services provided as President IAP Kurukshetra Branch (1999).
15)Appreciation Certificate from CIAP for services as Founder Secretary IAP Kurukshetra (1997).
16(Appreciation Certificate from CIAP for services rendered as Treasurer IAP Kurukshetra Bran(2005).
17)Appreciation Certificate from CIAP for services rendered as Treasurer IAP (2014) Kurukshetra.
State Awards :
18)Certificate of Appreciation from Local MLA,govt of Haryana for services rendered and significant contributions to Child Welfare Activities .
19)Certificate of Appreciation from District Immunization Officer, Department of Health, Kurukshetra (2015) for conducting five BNRCP Courses during 2014 for Training of Government Staff.
20)Certificate of Appreciation from District Immunization Officer, Department of Health, Kurukshetra (2015) for child welfare activities, including Pulse Polio immunization.
21)Certificate of Appreciation from Haryana State IAP for Significant Contribution for furtherance of Goals of IAP in 24th Annual State Conference of IAP Haryana, Panipat (2013).
22)President's Appreciation Award for Conducting Maximum Number of NRP Courses in a year (2014).
23)President's Appreciation Award for Haryana Pedinews for bringing out Silver Jubilee Special Edition (2014).
24)President's Appreciation Award for conducting ARCTM Course at kurukshetra(2013).
25)Award for poster presentation, title : REFORMS IN IAP, at 24th Annual Conference, Panipat (2013)
26)President's Appreciation Award for Conducting First Ever IAP Touch Programme in any distt (2013).
27)President's Appreciation Award for Services rendered as Central Executive Board Member of National IAP (2013).
28)President's Appreciation Award for Services Rendered as President Haryana State IAP-2011 (2012).
29)President's Appreciation Award for Acting as Quiz Master for State Round of Practitioners Quiz at Sonepat (2006)
30)President's Appreciation Award for Acting as Quiz Master for State Round of Practitioners Quiz at Gurgaon (2007)



Greetings from Indian Medical Association, Kurukshetra. I Welcome you all to this web page of Indian Medical association (I.M.A.) Kurukshetra being unveiled on Doctors Day i.e. 1st July 2022. IMA is a voluntary organisation established way back in 1928, Kurukshetra Branch was organised in 1972 with Dr VB Arya as founder president and Dr R N Bansal as first secretary. It is a pan India Association of Doctors qualified in Allopathic system of medicine with 1750 branches and 3,30,000 doctors of modern medicine as members.
Objectives of IMA is to promote & advance medical & allied sciences and-to improve public health & medical education in India. Health education and awareness plays a major role in achieving affordable “Health for all”. This website will be a step in that direction.
The aim of the website is to improve not only communication among members of IMA but also to communicate with community at large regarding various health issues , Imparting useful information & health education . Educative video & writings about common health problems of community creating a reference video library for general public.
Information is also provided about various facilities and specialities of doctors in Kurukshetra and their establishments, which can serve as ready reference for general public, seeking information and appointment for their health problems.
I hope our efforts will be useful for all.
Jai Hind, Jai IMA.
Dr Rakesh Chandra Bhardwaj
President 2022, IMA, Kurukshetra




Qualification -
MBBS From Government Medical College Patiala.
• M.D.(Anesthesia From PGIMS Rohtak).
• Joined HCMS in Oct. 2000.
• Presently Senior Medical Officer Working as.
• Deputy Medical Superintendent Lok Nayak Jai parkash District Civil Hospital Kurukshetra.
• General Secretary Indian Medical Association Kurukshetra in Year 2021 and continuing n Year 2022

“A doctor’s duty is to cure sometimes , to relieve often and to comfort always.”
It gives me on immense pleasure to be part of launching of website of Indian Medical Association kurukshetra. This moment is a moment of great pride for all of us. The idea and credit of launching this website goes to our Indian Medical Association President 2022 Dr.Rakesh Bhardwaj Sir.
The task of compiling the data of doctors is daunting but we have a strong commitment to fulfill this promise.
This website will enable people to know about their doctor, their specialties, the procedures they perform, their availability and all other relevant data by just click of the mouse.
First of all I thank the Almighty God for imbibing an idea of launching the Indian medical Association Kurukshetra website in our minds.
I thank all the members of Indian Medical Association Kurukshetra who have cooperated in sending relevant information about themselves and their health institutions and making the idea of launching Indian Association Kurukshetra website a grand success.
With best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Kothari