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National CPR week 17th-24 july 22

Why CPR training is needed for everybody to know and practice?

1-In India,4280 people per 100,000 population succumb to sudden cardiac arrest (cessation of heart beat). That is equivalent to 112 people per minute.

2- Majority of such cases (almost 85 %) are witnessed by somebody in family or vicinity.

3- Almost 95 % of these victims die, because of not getting timely intervention.

4- A process of CPR should be initiated immediately, by someone, standing next to victim. If started within 4 minutes (maximum) almost 60 to 65 percent of deaths can be averted.

5-Every minute delay, decreases the chance of survival by 17 % per minute.

6- In our country, less than 2 % people, actually know about CPR, far lesser can actually perform it adequately.

So, There is urgent need of creating public awareness about this and to equip them with necessary skills, so as to avert such mishappening in their own family and community at large.

Dr. Rakesh C Bhardwaj
Dr. Sandeep Kothari
Secretary General,